Ivana Perkovic | Travel Vlog IV | Speaker D&S | Beginup

By Ms Ivana Perkovic – On 9 November 2019  got the opportunity to be the guest of honour and speaker at the Industrial Excellence Awards organize by Beginup Research Intelligence Private Limited. Since 2018 I’m officially based as a foreigner in Bengaluru, India, and already have seen the country change so much. There’s no doubt in my mind about the topic whenever I’m asked as a public speaker, but this time my story is more focused on India becoming a superpower and what India’s superpower actually is. I give my perspective as a foreigner, which is pretty ironic if you consider the stories that I share with you and the new perspectives that I’m sharing. As a foreigner I have been in many situations where I realized what India’s true superpower is and how I wish it would spill over to the global stage.

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