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A designing industry with a unique approach Siyarch Studio formerly known as Xtreme Interior earns its name with its novelty in every corner it sets to design. It was established in the year 2013 by Ms Shraddha Modi as a commercial interior designer in Bhopal. Ms Shraddha, the Founder, Creative Director and CEO of Siyarch has created a difference in the field of architecture and design with her innovative outlook and proving the newness in the ground with her creative contributions.

Siyarch provides interior design and consultancy services and turnkey installations for varied type of projects including corporate and housing sectors. Some of the challenging and prestigious projects that Siyarch has undertaken are outcome of effective planning and management of time and resources.Corporate Offices, Showrooms, Restaurants, Hotels, Gym, Boutique, Farmhouse, Landscaping, Terrace Garden and Residential are the varied projects accomplished by the company. The successful accomplishments with high maintenance of standard in its services, Siyarch builds a strong and long-standing relationship with various organizations and the clients.

Primarily their expertise is workspace interior design where they provide interior solutions that create an innovative, interactive, synergistic and inspiring workspace environment that reflects a company’s vision, objective, culture and functional needs.

Their client list includes AIC-RNTU Incubation centre, co-working hubs and India’s top start-ups such as Appointy, Wittyfeed, Xeeva and Rightful Labs (to name a few) and many more to its list.

A creative mind with a difference who is an embodiment of women empowerment, Ms Shraddha has proved that passion can successfully be converted to a full-fledged career if led by determination. She has been living her passion thus creating heavenly spaces on earth through her artistic services. Interior Design has always been a thought driven, observing and ever evolving process for her since an early stage of her life, and she feels creating designs is in her DNA. Undoubtedly, her work has proved this. She says,

“As my first question behind every designing project is what’s the human need behind it and how it is technologically feasible and economically viable.”

Her mind is directed by the human need. Interior designing is more than a career to her. She says,

“It’s my passion more of a fun to me as since my childhood this is the only field I could feel for creatively and understood from within. Was like born to observe the nature – it’s surroundings whether natural or human-made creative elements, colours, shapes, lighting, objects that envision, enriches and completes a space. I would like to give an interesting example – As a child I was fascinated with collecting abandoned bird nests to learn how they are made by these humble species as their younger ones abode- it’s different sizes, colours, shapes material used, durability, flexibility, purpose, hence I got my first lesson in architecture and design from the nature itself. That creativity lies in simplicity and functionality and also to make most of the resources at hand without impacting the environment. My studies as an Interior designer was a great learning curve, as-gave an insight into the professional approach  to    designing thus enriching my thought process and enhancing my design thinking capabilities by learning solutions.”

Ms Shraddha  made her turning point into the real world of designing when she joined a reputed firm as an intern. As a woman, as a budding passionate young talent who was waiting to explore and experiment her knowledge, it was a reality check for her as an intern. She being more passion driven than money, soon chose to be a freelancer as her forte was design thinking and she wanted to work on her own terms and conditions to give wings to her creations rather than compromising her creativity to the mere rules of any firm. She chose to pursue her passion of creating viable and sustainable designs with humane element as the core.

Hence her past had laid the very foundation of her design beliefs and her present identity- Siyarch Studio her Interior design firm which was just a pen, drawing board an idea in the young mind 7 years ago. Her first independent professional design work started from designing a 100 sq. ft space to accomplishing the feat of designing  2 lakh +  Sq.Ft of space so far.

Experiencing the challenges, ups and downs while designing every sq. ft space has defined her identity and beliefs as an Interior designer.

She believes it has given a different virtue to her a womanhood and at the same time an identity to her goals, dreams and aspirations. She aspires to be ethical and more moralistic towards her beliefs for Environment sustainable interior design. And, she states,

“Interior Design for me is one’s attitude who feels it and finds solace in the space designed for his or her comfort.”

The designer after travelling and exploring half of the world solely to add more to her knowledge and creativity in the field of architecture and designs has experienced vastly the varied cultures broadening her imaginations and learnings as well keeping herself updated to the latest trends and thus building thoughts for the future too.

Her projects reflect an amalgamation with the nature thus having maximum use of natural resources such as Natural day light, solar energy for hot water, emphasis on Indoor air quality, use of colours that make you feel comfortable and effective functionality with the perspective of effective time management and human comfort to increase productivity and enhance creativity in the work space either be it a retail, residential, Institutional or commercial project.

Siyarch strongly believes in and stand by the design for future. The designing firm stands exclusive adhering to the climatic changes and thus practising an environment sustainable design which reflects an attitude of providing a safe and comfortable place and world for the future generations to come. Siyarch uses technology to optimise the human comfort without compromising on the sustainability factor. Their designs reflect the objective to be Eco-Friendly, energy efficient, and technologically enhanced to embrace the scientific knowledge of the 21st century which is already becoming a current trend and would be a necessity in the near future. The founder says,

“Every day, at Siyarch we thrive to be a part of the resilient world that we want to live in, focusing every inch of design around human needs: connecting fast-growing communities, housing cultural institutions, building homes, harnessing emerging technologies, educating young people, and most importantly, cultivating knowledge. Our past, present and future is all about connecting people to places and to each other, in relevant, flexible and future-proof ways. We have built the foundations of our company along those very same future-proof principles, and with that brave, complex and exciting future in mind… and the good news is, we are just getting started.”

Siyarch has indeed proved to give the best to its clients and rightly has achieved reputed recognitions such as:

‘Most Innovative Interior Design Firm of the Year 2020’ Madhya Pradesh Award at National Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards 2020.Shraddha Modi the founder and CEO of Siyarch was honoured to receive it from Dr Ajai Chandran, Dean BGS school of Architecture, Bengaluru and Ar. Felice Burrows from Australia.

The founder, Ms Shraddha speaks,

“My dreams are very simple and mostly driven with my passion for my work I want to do quality work and always looking to grow personally and creatively and that I be known for the designs I create and my work brings happiness and serene feeling to people experiencing it and living it. I believe in inner satisfaction with regards to my work and I am perfectionist and most of the times I think that I could have done even better and excelled more at my designs and work.”

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Designs and Stories, Bangalore  wishes all the very best wishes to Siyarch Studio and team and expresses gratitude to the founder Ms Shraddha Modi.

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