Ms Ankita Malhotra|Inside Hues|The designer par excellence

Born in West Delhi and brought up in Gurgaon, Ankita Malhotra, the designer par excellence is a true model of women empowerment thriving to bring her dreams into real. Married to an IT professional in Bangalore, Ankita surpassed all her challenges and has established herself as a successful Interior Designer.

A Commerce student from DAV Public School, Gurgaon, Ankita followed her creative instincts and appeared for NATA.  She successfully won her admission in the top ranked college- Sushant School of Art and Architecture and then she could foresee her future and she knew that was where she was meant to be. Her father is a C.A, practising Tax Consultant and author of many books on Indirect Taxation and her mother is a practising advocate. However, Ankita grew up with a different taste sharing her artistic interests with her elder sister. She is highly nspired by her elder sister who is an established architect in the United States.

Ankita Malhotra’s INSIDE HUES is a boutique design studio which aims at creating tailored spaces for every client. Customer satisfaction and Quality services are the two things that they practice. They have majority of the projects in Delhi NCR and Bangalore and are planning to expand in other cities as well. The firms provide both Turnkey and Design consultancy services to our clients. Inside Hues provide turnkey services and create customised furniture for every project which in fact is their forte. They also provide design consultancy services to remote locations.

Undertaking responsibilities and satisfying the clients is of course not an easy task. The biggest challenge is to give the real taste as desired by the clients. She says,
“When designing a home for a family it’s always a challenge to deal with people of different expectations and perceptions. There are multiple conflicting ideas for a common space and as a designer sometimes it’s a challenge to cater to everyone’s needs.”

Continuing her passion and running her firm even after shifting to Bangalore was a great challenge. She states,
“Shifting to a new location, Bangalore, did not shake our determination and after 1.5 years we successfully bagged one of our most prestigious projects till date that of designing a 5-acre resort in Tamil Nadu.”

She also speaks about the hardships she had to face in the journey of her career,

“The scope of my first ever project was of design consultancy. The client had his own team to execute the project. To save on cost and time, the carpenters deviated from the drawings without any intimation and hampered the client’s exceptions as a result. Moving forward we have strict polices of Project management and contracts in place to avoid this situation in future.”

The challenging project delivered by her is the project which always stands out is the Villa they had designed for their clients in Gurgaon. Been influenced by International furniture designers, they imported various pieces but the actual challenge was lining the style and the finish of our locally manufactured products with them. After 6 months of endless coordination and strict detailing they were able to handover the house up and beyond the client’s expectations. This defines the credibility of her organization and her team.

The Major learning from her professional and personal journey are to Adapt and Evolve. She advises to the aspiring designers and upcoming professionals by few words which were passed over to her by someone.
“You can never learn enough so always be a sponge”.

The progressing designer Ankita Malhotra is committed to deliver new and unique ideas with every project she undertakes.

Designs & Stories wishes her all the best for her future endeavours!

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