Rouble Nagi | Artist & Social Activist | D & S Conference | Beginup

Rouble Nagi is an Indian artist specialising in sculptures, art installations and paintings. Rouble Nagi is the Founder of Rouble Nagi Art Foundation, an NGO that conducts art workshops for children throughout India. The foundation aims to transform the community through art. She is also the founder of Rouble Nagi Design Studio. She has over 800 murals to her credit and has held over 150 exhibitions worldwide. She is a member of the India Design Council (IDC). She has taken up an initiative to start Mumbai beautification with ‘Art Installations’ in and around the city. Rouble Nagi is an Artist and Social worker working towards promoting young and talented artists from India and abroad. Through the Rouble Nagi Art Foundation in India, she has been conducting workshops throughout the country, with over 62 Balwadi’s all over India, she strives to take children to school through art. Her latest initiative named “Misaal Mumbai” is the first slum painting initiative in India, through which she has painted over 24000 houses till date. A project to paint houses in slums in Mumbai to give life to the slum and keep it clean and hygienic. Her unique paintings are collected by many including corporates, celebrities, Government of India and museums

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