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Reigning the market with the elite designs, the Degasi Architecture & Interiors is popularly known for their exquisite clients with the supreme execution of professional commitments. With the finesse knowledge of art and designs, the Founder of Degasi Architecture and Interiors, Architect Deepti Pillai believes in quality product than inviting expanse of projects.

 ‘DEGASI Architecture & Interiors’ is proudly running the show for past some years. They deal only with exquisite clients. They began initially with residential design and consultation and very soon became the experts in the market dealing with the best designs, interiors, execution and doing professional handovers. They do not believe in adding numbers to the count rather they are focussed on having quality projects and quality clients. The Founder says,

“Cost of the project doesn’t matter to us at all but quality of the project is something we never give a skip before undertaking a project.”

They deal with Architectural and Interior consultation and Services.

Architect Deepti Pillai is born and brought up in Chembur(Mumbai). Her father Mr K S Pillai (Late) was the Deputy Chief Officer at BARC (Baba Atomic Research Centre). Her Mother Mrs. Sethulakshmi Pillai, used to be a primary school teacher; however, she resigned and chose to be a homemaker post her second baby who is none other than our Architect Deepti. Her elder sister Mrs Manju Pillai, is a Software Engineer, currently working and settled in Australia. She is the proud wife of Mr Ganesh V.M who works in a Financial Sector and her six-year-old son Master Siddart Nair is her greatest inspiration.

She did her schooling from Baba Atomic Energy Central School and completed her graduation in B.Arch from BVCOA (Bhartiya Vidya Peeth College of Architecture) Kharghar Navi Mumbai.

After her graduation, she worked for some time in Mumbai and then came to Kerala to work with a very reputed and most respected Architect. She was also approached by some media and very soon she became a television star as an anchor. Within a short span of time, she had to move to Kerala after her marriage and settled in Trivandrum.

Architect Deepti was blessed with a childhood full of felicity and grandness of living in the most peaceful and beautiful BARC colony, Mumbai, having an upbringing from the best school and best parents ever. She states,

 “Today I am what I am only and only because of my childhood environment and surroundings. So am blessed to say I don’t remember if I ever had any major enough to be mentioned kind off challenges, rather I was much focussed and too busy with my inspiring surroundings. BARC environment played a major role in my upbringing and setting the right frame of mind.”

She is a proud daughter of proud parents with the perfect upbringing which taught her to follow her passion with discipline.

Architect Deepti was blessed to get a freelance work which she took up with all zest and gusto at a very young age when she was still undergoing her Architecture degree (4th year) which she proudly accomplished with a very gracious and affluent client and from there her confidence gained great heights. Soon after graduation she started teaching in the same college and then within a blink, she got to start her own firm ‘DEGASI Architecture and Interiors’ in Trivandrum, Kerala, creating and designing spaces passionately and successfully as on today.

The founder of Degasi Architecture and Interiors has come out victorious with her goals and she speaks about her achievements,

“Being an entrepreneur at a very young age is something I still believe to be my major achievement as new insights to design process, work team culture, client interaction and many such things we did and proceeded in a non-conventional style ,helping to concentrate in our projects more passionately and creatively in an out of the box style and not by any rule book. Now this became a real achievement when we were well accepted by a real good clientele allowing us to grow and flourish with much more such exemplary clients and projects.”

No victory comes without challenges and the zeal to fight challenges makes us successful. She recalls when at a very young age she took the opportunity to lead as an entrepreneur.

She narrates,

“The one thing I was intimated at first was my young age and the location shift as an entrepreneur with very senior and experienced competitors in market was a big fear factor. Being a Mumbaikar and then initiating a self-run professional carrier in another state ‘Kerala’, though I am a Keralite by roots but being born and brought up in Mumbai, I had a Mumbaikar blood and heart, inside of me, language was a barrier, unfamiliar land and unfamiliar culture of the local land did give me shivers to start with. I was always a happy go lucky personality from childhood so majorly nothing could stop me. Once I started working, I realised, design is the language of expression. If u want to convince your client with words, language is essential but if your design speaks for you then no language is ever a barrier. I let my work do the speaking. In Kerala, people are so well learnt and profound, that everything they need to detail; at the same time, they are very supportive to new creative and new talents. They don’t judge on the basis of age or experience, they just need good results and if you deliver, people appreciate and welcome it wholeheartedly.” 

Architect Deepti’s career as an architecture started when she was still pursuing her degree and challenges in the professional front had to be dealt carefully with zest. She speaks,

“I still remember my first client was an Australia settled, software engineer working with Accenture then, though the initial proposal to take up the work was very fascinating and I was in all cloud 9, but then as time flew and deadline came nearing, that is when I started feeling the heat and pressure of my job. My first lesson was my best lesson, that, it’s all about having a wonderful team with you, if you got a handful of skilled and passionate team of labours with you then nothing is impossible. Your job is half done even before you start.”

Her professional as well as personal journey has been an enlightening voyage for her. She admits that she has been learning through her experiences to be a better person with every step she moves ahead. She says,

“Treat every project as your first one, nurture it like a small baby and enjoy seeing it grow right in front of your eyes. Till we keep that passion in our eyes and mind, we are always creating. The day we deviate from here and chose any different path, it becomes all structure and beams and columns but until then it’s the biggest feeling of designing and delivering others dream, it’s out of the world feeling. I ensure all my staffs too get to enjoy this feeling of seeing our drawing join up and converted into reality. This is the best feeling ever in this profession I must say.”

Architect Deepti Pillai is certainly an embodiment of women empowerment leading her professional front along with her family. The aspiring talents in this domain must learn from her journey which teaches us to stay firm with our passion and goals. Here is what she has to suggest to the young minds,

“Don’t compare others achievements or their styles and practises. We are in a creative field, we are blessed to have the wisdom and passion to create, so just create and keep creating. Once one of my lecturers told me there is nothing called like a bad design it’s just one’s taste so you may say u don’t like it but you can’t say it is bad, no design can be bad. Feel free to explore and create.”

Success has no limits and so are the goals. She speaks about her future plans,

“Very soon we plan to come up with some collaborations making not just another project but majorly making the essence of design being felt by all around us. Making and allowing people to connect and communicate with the spaces we design for them and sprinkling some glitter and glamour with the right proportion of love and affection for their own space. Making people understand and learn how to transform a space into their space, into their den.”

With the collaborations, the Degasi Architecture & Interiors is sure to bring wonders to the market o Architecture and Design.

Designs & Stories , Bangalore wish Architect Deepti Pillai and her Degasi Architecture & Interiors all the very best for all future endeavours!

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