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Sunita Yogesh Studio is a recognized full-service interior design firm with expertise in residential and holiday homes across the country. Be it a space that is a blank canvas or a space that needs to be completely reimagined, they specialize in bespoke luxury interior design services.

Born in Chennai, the Founder Sunita Yogesh comes from a family that is into the handloom business for over four generations. Her great grandfather was a weaver and the craft slowly transformed into a business empire. Owing to the family heritage, she was blessed with a childhood filled with rich colours and patterns where she developed the passion for art.  she completed her chartered accountancy and a management program from IIM Bangalore that helped her understand and contribute actively to the family business. She later completed a summer program on textile and fashion design at Central Saint Martins, London which played a pivotal role in launching her own textile line that was featured at the Vogue wedding show in Delhi.

As an extension to textile design, she found the home textiles and design space to be an interesting space and experimented with various handcrafting techniques that she learned from the block printers at Bagru, a small town near Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Therefrom, she unearthed the interest for interior design where she started from designing small rooms to complete homes for friends and family before starting her interior design business in 2018.  She says,

                     “Word of mouth helped us grow over the next few years.”

Designer Sunita began her career in Finance in the year 2009 and joined her family business in 2013. She launched her own saree line at the Vogue Wedding Show in 2017, and launched her Sunita Yogesh Studio in 2018.

Designer Sunita handles each and every project in a unique style. Habitually, she quickly has a picture in her mind of what it could look like and has a ‘feel’ for the design. Her inspiration comes from the specification of the project – the room itself, the environment – as well as from the client. She is also inspired by her experience as an artist, traveller, patterns and colours in different cultures, and from everyday life.  Adding a bit of modern eclectic touch in all of her projects, she loves a good design challenge and opportunities to showcase her ever-evolving style.

Over the years, Designer Sunita has garnered clients and followers from around the country and is regularly profiled in national magazines. As an ardent contributor to the community, Sunita and her team proactively reach out to architects and contractors to bring the distinct visions seen in her work to life.

Sunita Yogesh Studio is so much more than a brand. Her studio is a product of passion, imagination and creative vision. Her projects have been featured in the country’s top publications including Better Interiors, Goodhomes, Casa Vogue, Better homes and Gardens, Beautiful Homes and The Hindu.

The artist is blessed to receive the support of her family. She was encouraged when she had discovered what she wanted to pursue as a career after her formal education. She states,

 “Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing as it is like Steve Jobs said, ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards…’.  I believe that my past experiences have played a positive role in helping me grow as an interior designer.” 

Her professional challenges have always enlightened her in achieving success and learning more and more. She says,

“Be it while designing a piece of fabric or an entire home, converting the design from digital to tangible is only as good as the final outcome. Throughout my career, I am constantly learning to improve my craft. To launch my own line of sarees, I learnt the process from master weavers to set-up a loom for each one of my creations. For my interior design practice, I learnt from contractors and material manufacturers who would share their opinions based on their experience in the craft.

However, the managing stakeholders in an unorganized sector is a tough nut to crack. One has to be persistent and patient with processes and deadlines even with the best of craftsmen as I wouldn’t rush the process while creating something as special as a home.”

Indeed challenges maketh a man. Challenges create new paths and challenges teach us to fight till we win. Interior Designing indeed is a challenging domain where you have to prove yourself as the best to the clients. She speaks about the challenges faced in the initial stages of her business, her customers and development of her products,

“Managing client expectations is a huge part of the interior design. However, as all upstarts at the beginning, it’s hard to get your first few projects without a portfolio to showcase. Over time, we were able to create a portfolio where clients were able to understand my design aesthetics and ability to bring their vision to reality. We focus a lot of our efforts to help customers understand, approve and ‘feel’ the future outcome of a space before we start the execution phase.

On the product development front, we rely on sketches and 3D renderings to help visualize the kind custom furniture or accessory that we’d like to create. Having said that, like all things custom-made, it does take its course to come to life. And patience is key because you do not want to jeopardize the sanctity of a space by saving a couple of weeks.”

 Designer Sunita indeed has achieved a lot defeating her challenges. Her major milestone achieved are:

    1. Best of Houzz 2020 – Design
    2. Goodhomes Magazine
       – Cover Story & Feature – Apr 2020
       – Feature – June 2019
       – Feature – May 2018
    3. Better Interiors
       – Cover Story & Feature – Oct 2019
    4. Better Homes & Gardens
       – Feature – Aug 2017
    5. Casa Vogue
       – Feature – AUG 2019
    6. The Hindu, Chennai
      Feature – 24th Nov 2018

Every journey is a learning experience. Designer Sunita speaks,
“I am an ardent learner and I find inspirations for my designs everywhere. As an artist, I have always looked for open spaces that help me think and improve my craft. I developed a keen interest in abstract art and then home decor. Over time, this process helped me develop a style of my own which was a gateau of all the little things that I saw and loved around me. That way, I was able to add a little bit of me in every project.

A home is a very personal space where you create timeless memories.  For some, it would be gazing over the city from your balcony with a cup of tea while others would like to play their drums in their gig-room. One of the biggest learnings for me is the ability to listen and understand my client’s needs thoroughly before I get started on my designs and not rush into recommendation based on short conversations.”

Every young talent and aspiring designer have a lot to learn from our designer Sunita and her journey. She puts forth her suggestions,

“Create. You are an artist. Try something new and understand what your forte is. Be open to learning in a classroom, onsite and behind a screen. Do not hesitate to reach out and learn from your contemporaries, your vendors and your contractors to understand what it takes to grow and bring something new to the table. And finally, add a little bit of you in all your work.”

Sunita Yogesh Studio has long term goals to give the best to their clients. Speaking about their future plans, the designer says,

“Designers have always been instrumental in pushing the boundaries. In the past years alone, the interior design space has evolved at a rapid pace. The Indian market is acknowledging the fact that their personal space has a high impact on their mental stability as a home is where they spend most of their time. We at Sunita Yogesh Studio are focussed on growing organically one special space at a time”

Indeed, work will flow and the studio will be pacing high with the requirements giving the best to the clients.

Designs and Stories , Bangalore wishes all the best to Designer Sunita Yogesh and her Studio all the very best for all her future endeavours!

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