Toast Brown Studio is a burgeoning atelier in the sphere of design. Founded by Vidushi Jain and Arjit Sinha in 2015, Toast Brown Studio is a multi-disciplinary research-based design studio. With a keen focus on innovation, they offer design and execution services in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Restoration and Renovation projects. The Studio prides itself in the Hospitality segment, having led several incredible hospitality projects to fruition all across the country.

The duo Architects Vidushi and Arjit have both graduated from Sushant School of Art and Architecture in 2008 & 2007 respectively. Architect Vidushi was born and brought up in Delhi and she hails from a family of IT professionals and business owners. Her entrepreneurial spirit stems from her father who runs his own successful Management Consultancy Firm. Arjit was born in Allahabad to a family brimming with engineers.  Arjit has resided in different corners of the country before finishing his education and settling in New Delhi.

The two college mates with identical interests and talents founded their reputed studio just a year after they tied the knot. The studio was born out of a desire to discover and develop their own architectural expression and to create a contemporary design language they could call their own.

Vidushi Jain, the Co-Founder & Principal Architect discovered her passion for architecture as a young adult and it continues to grow with the same sense of excitement even today. With over twelve years of professional experience in the industry, she has a diverse portfolio of successfully accomplished projects. 

She enjoys listening and responding to her clients, empowering them to make informed decisions and leading them through an exciting and positive design and building process. With a keen eye for detail and a strong technical background, she possesses the zeal and enthusiasm to continuously push the boundaries of both learning and innovating in her field. Her primary area of expertise is in hospitality projects, having served in the design team for several prestigious hotel and resort properties like the ITC Hotels and Taj Hotels.

Arjit Sinha, the Co-Founder & Principal Architect has a rich experience of over thirteen years. Arjit has had the opportunity to work on several large and complex projects for both major developers and niche clientele. With his exhaustive experience in projects of multiple scales and with various organizations, Arjit enjoys experimenting and diversifying in his work. 

Working closely with the requirements of the client, he has constantly attempted to explore and evolve in his design approach. His focus is on customization, client satisfaction & honesty towards design. An open communication style and meticulous planning are just two key factors in his design ideology.

Their work, inspired by people and their culture, is tailored to create thoughtful and meticulously-crafted contemporary spaces for their clients. With an imaginative and energetic approach, they aim to add value to their projects, while effecting a minimal impact on the environment. In addition to ground-up work, the Studio has exhaustive experience in major renovation projects as well as additions to significant existing buildings.

“At the heart of it all is our intent to inspire collaborative and creative thinking cantered on innovation and hands-on service.” The duo architects express.

Toast Brown Studio offers design and execution services in Architecture, Interiors, Furniture Design, Landscape Design, Restoration and Renovation projects. While they specialize in the Hospitality Segment, they have comprehensive experience in Commercial, Institutional and Residential Projects.

Some of the recent Hospitality projects completed by the Studio include:

  • Repose Highway Resort, Mangaldoi, Assam
  • Metro Bar, Guwahati, Assam
  • Cygnett Mountain Breeze Resort, Jeolikot, Uttarakhand for Cygnett Hotels
  • Boutique Hotel at Kanatal, Uttarakhand
  • Heritage Resort, Neemrana
  • Bistro Moderne, Udaipur

  Having asked about their challenges in their professional journey, they share,

 “The biggest challenge in our profession for us has been to maintain our honesty towards design while respecting the whims and fancies of the client. There is a constant struggle between the client’s aim of achieving more profitability from the finished space and our own vision for a pure, holistic design. The other, more enjoyable challenge is that no two projects are the same! With every new project, every new site and every new client, you explore and learn something new each day!”

The duo architects also shared the challenges faced with the initial customers and product development.

“Early in our career the main challenge was to convince the client why the professional design services we offer are worth the fee that we charge. Most of the clients of smaller projects are convinced that they know as much about design and construction as any architect! It took a fair amount of time to learn to navigate through these obstacles, and to be honest we are still learning every day.”

Architect Ms Vidushi Jain was honoured for being among the TOP 100 Divas in Decowood Design Divas Season – 2 in the year 2018. And recently, one of their Projects was shortlisted in the TOP 6 Architecture Ideas – by FOAID 2020 in ‘Architecture: Hospitality Category’. Indeed, a great achievement!

Ms Vidushi speaks on her opportunity to work with Architect Pradeep Sachdeva, who also became her mentor and guide. She says,

 “A lot of what I am today professionally is thanks to Boss (as he was lovingly called by all of us at the studio) and the incredible work environment he created at PSDA Studio. His design philosophy is an inspiration and something that I turn to even now. Beyond his professional work ethic, what has stayed with me is the genuine warmth and affection he held for everyone he met.”

With their achievements and rich experiences, the young professionals must have learnt a lot from their successful journey.

Architect Vidushi suggests,

“Love what you do. Its literally the only thing that keeps us going in this profession. The highs are incredible and fulfilling, but through the slumps and the hard days, the love and passion for designing beautiful spaces makes all the difference.

There is nothing more rewarding than standing in a space you designed and envisioned to life. It truly makes all the sleepless nights, months (and sometimes years) of labour, every decision taken every day at the desk and on site, absolutely worth it. We still feel it with every single one of our projects.

Research, Experiment and Innovate. It is so important to research and understand the context of a project, be it a furniture piece or an urban design project, successful designs are always rooted in the process. Experimenting and Innovating comes with the territory, it’s what differentiates us and creates our niche.”

Architect Arjit proposes,

“There are many obstacles in pursuing a successful career in architecture. From a project’s budget constraints to the preconceived ideas that clients come with, even having your opinion outweighed by a contractor’s opinion – but it is all WORTH IT. You have the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the landscape and the cityscape that you are fortunate enough to work on. There aren’t many professions that can lend you such an opportunity. Being able to design and build is a privilege and should be recognised as one by all upcoming architects.”

Toast brown studio has completed several prestigious projects around the country. The plan for the next few years is to integrate their ethos of sustainable design practices in the coveted luxury interior design segment. Further, they aim to expand internationally by collaborating with hospitality clients overseas.

With such intense passion for design and art and aspirations, Architects Vidushi and Arjit are sure to achieve milestone in the field of Architecture and Design.

We wish all the very best to the duo Architects and Toast Brown Studio for all their future endeavours.

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