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Decorating spaces with objects and embellishing with expressions and life creating unique spaces of beauty, Villas of Mint has established its high reputation in the field of Design and Décor. Villas of Mint is a home decor and furniture brand that houses all things with their beautiful creations. Adding life to their design and décor makes them the exceptional in the market. It was founded by the young artist Kalli Mahajan in November 2020.

Her endeavour is to not just to create objects, but to help create spaces where the client and their loved ones can make memories.

Designer Kalli Mahajan was born in New Delhi to the proud parents Mr Vipin and Ms Preeti Mahajan. She expresses that her parents have hugely influenced her life and they are the reason behind what she is today. Her parents ran an IT Business which indeed had sowed the seeds of Entrepreneurship in the young mind of Founder Kalli Mahajan.

Artist Kalli Mahajan has an overwhelming experience in building her dream organization Villa of Mint. Her creativity, innovative design ideas and discoveries have made her journey multihued with innumerable décor and design projects. Her ability to give lively meanings to the spaces and furniture makes her creations impactful.

Kalli Mahajan did her schooling from Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi where I graduated with a 96.75%. She then went on to do an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. For her masters, she studied Strategic Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she was one of the four people in her course to graduate with a distinction. She began her professional career in the year 2018.

Every venture is challenging and success is achieved once the challenges are accepted boldly with determination to follow what the hear desires. Kalli too had to walk on the rocky route to make her dreams turn into reality. Given that she had no formal education or background, it took her very long to be able to learn the tricks of the trade, which only happens in actual practice. She and her team have made mistakes too, but have learnt from them so as to ensure they never happen again.

Designer Kalli Mahajan states on her experience on quality and the clients’ requirements,

“We use a lot of colour in our furniture and products, and to ensure quality of this kind of stuff is a lot harder than with natural wood polished. We also realised which kind of products are more popular, and I think given the pandemic peoples budgets have also been restrained; which is why our home decor accessories have been doing a lot better. I think products under Rs. 20,000 require less thought, and thus sell a lot faster.”

Their best product is Kokomo Bar and Rimjhim Cabinet. Each piece is individually hand carved in teak with a different design, and then the panels are brought together.  It requires a lot of time and effort as said by the Founder of Villa of Mint.

According to Kalli, her professional and personal journey has taught her to love what she undertakes. She states,

“If you do things with love, whether at work or with friends, you’ll do them a lot better.”

When she was asked to give some advice to the upcoming professionals from her domain, she expressed,

 “I wish I had studied interiors and product designing, I would’ve had a greater advantage. I always wanted to do something in the space, but felt that I can’t since I’m not able to draw well. However, do not let that stop you either because with the online tools and resources available today, we are able to achieve a lot more.”


Villa of Mint has been blessed with immense repute and success that in just a year of launching they have been featured in the top magazines in the country, and many digital publications. A few weeks after launching they were on the Christmas cover of Good Homes, and they have also made appearances in Elle Decor and India Today Homes.

Speaking about their future plans and actions, the Founder says,

“While it is hard to do for furniture, we hope to be e-commerce in the future for at-least our home decor accessories. The eventual aim would be to have a store in Khan Market, we hope with your help we will be able to get there in the next few years!”

Designs and Décor indeed make our homes speak our feelings and the efforts by Villa of Mint are clearly visible in the furniture and spaces they design.

We wish Kalli Mahajan and her Villa off Mint all the very best for all the future endeavours.

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