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When passion drives your determination, success is sure to touch your feet and let you walk for miles to dream and achieve more and more. The globally renowned interior designer Saachi Marwah Rana is popular with her ever evolving style projecting her art with the subtle fusion of East meeting the West balanced with opulent warmth and luxury. An award-winning designer, based in Delhi and Dubai. Saachi has made her passion her successful career and today she stands proud as an embodiment of women empowerment.

Her creative inclination can be traced back to her childhood when she opted for Art as an additional subject at Air Force Bal Bharati School, New Delhi. She claims her creative talents to be groomed under the guidance of her artistic parents. Indeed, what more can her passion be blessed with than having parents with excellent artistic skills. Her mother is a National Awardee as a bronze sculptor, and her father trained her on interesting handmade Finishes , who is specialized in the Patina Finish. She is happily married to a highly acclaimed national cricketer and is now perfectly striking the work-life balance without complaints and regrets. As a budding designer, she has been trained under   many esteemed interior designers and the truly polished faculty of Sushant School  of Design, Ansal University; Her artistic skills are inspired from History, Art, Music, Books and anything in the nature around her that enabled her creative juices glow. Her work projects the perfect blend of the traditional and the modern styles. Rather than sticking to a signature style, she embraces an organic, multi-pronged approach. It     was her relentless passion for design at a very young age that kick started her iconic career. Her professional career began in the year 2015.

Saachi Marwah owns a Design Studio which strives to bring to the space provided, the elegance and chic it deserves. The studio works in all scales and sectors to deliver exceptional designing solutions, catering  to clients’ needs and envisioning a future of      unique architectural interiors. The team believes that history and modernity, imagination and discipline can and must coexist. ‘Saachi Marwah Design Studio’ caters to transforming residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. They excel in furniture design, customized bespoke light design, artifacts and objects D’Art. In addition to taking the projects worldwide, a creative cross-pollination in the studio inherently leads to delivering exceptional design solutions.

The vibrant interior designer pulled out all the stops to turn her passion into a profession. She had managed to work at quite renowned firms after her college and could save some money to start her studio, pay the rents or expand the team. Her biggest motivation was to jump into the market full of celebrities and give up on the salary she could make and stand on her own feet. She states,

“To me, this felt like a no brainer. My Business is my world; I love it with all my heart.”

She is an early starter with dreams gathered at a very young age. She started working at 16, interning at different firms and some even without any pay to build her portfolio. She proudly says,

“I tried not to miss any opportunity that came in my way irrespective of whether I made money or not.”

 At 17 she moved to a new city in Bombay to intern under Architectural Digest and to get a real insight into the design business with the first paycheque of Rs.3500. And, she declares,

                “I’m still very passionate about it as I was in the very beginning.”

 She started enlisting mentors and asked for advices on setting up her own venture and began to grow organically through word of mouth and recommendations. And she has a great list of successful projects under her winning crown. She expresses,

“Taking the plunge of expanding my work Globally & get the great response was a win in itself. Challenges faced in your professional career.”

Her journey to success was not of course a path of roses. Struggles are always the important chapters of the achievers and Saanchi Marwah too was not free from struggles. She would spend all her savings to set up her first studio and make it look presentable to hold her meetings and expand her team further. She gave up on her well-paid jobs or 9-9 working hours because she chose to work more than that to plan and execute the business further. And, today she proudly says,

“There are so many wonderful things that I love about being my boss from having creative freedom on projects and working on my terms and watching them flourish under my stewardship and giving up on my paycheques, not knowing what project will I get next or how do I pay my bills as a startup without having any back or any investors.”

 She started with one client; she was referred to by a friend and hired to design one room in their home and thus she slowly grew her business through word of mouth. Everything that has happened since has been an organic, intuitive and heart-driven journey.

“I am very lucky to be doing what I love. It is a passion that I get to enjoy every day.   It’s no easy role but so rewarding.”

She sighs with satisfaction.

She excels and yet her learning have no end. She states that as a designer, it’s important to be a great listener and very intuitive. Her most valuable asset is the combination of imagination and hard work and love whatever she does.  According to her a designer’s creativity should be fluid enough to assimilate inspiration from varied sources, which can strike at any time of my long working hours. The odd working hours, which she feels are one of the hardest parts of the job, but something that goes hand in hand with her profession and passion. When asked about her key learnings, she puts forth,

“One of the key learning was adjusting to the differentiation between the interior design business and coming to the real the market right after my design college without any help from anyone, which is directed to be specific client needs and highly-planned projects, and the lifestyle business— designing, producing and retailing furniture, rugs, lighting, home décor—which is driven by a much more expansive marketplace and consumed by a wider audience but be the Go-getter to stay in the market with all I believe.”


Saachi Marwah Rana is an exemplary figure to all aspiring artists and we certainly have much to learn from her. She is an enlightening lesson to all women who dreams to follow their passions and be their own commander. Here is what she has a piece of advice to all the upcoming professionals:

  I feel that a winning design has a perfect mix of tension and drama. My mantra is to have fun and put the unexpected combinations together and this goes for both fashion and interior designing.”

She suggests all the aspiring talents to be fearless and have fun when engaged in planning to style their interior, be it in the office space or home.

“If it’s something you love, then just do it. People     will always tell you, that you are not supposed too do that or this; but I ‘ve found that there are no rules in designing and no right or wrong. You can achieve unbelievable results when you listen to your heart. Don’t follow what others are doing and create something that is truly your own.”     

The design icon loves to dress a space with layers of colors, textures, fabrics, antiques, and furniture. She opines that to add to the personality and drama. So, she says,

I feel that the  space at home, restaurant or office,  should  be comfortable and have an element of fantasy to create intrigue and fascination.

Saachi Marwah Rana is the Founder, Principal Designer of Saachi Rana Design Studio. You can know more about her work on

Designs and Stories,Bangalore  team heartily thanks our iconic designer for sparing her precious time in letting us know her and her art.

                                 We wish her a very successful future ahead!

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