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With innovations at the forefront, MakeSpace Architects makes a difference in the domain of architecture with end-to-end design approach offering solution with the culmination of research-based design. MakeSpace Architects was founded in the year 2019 by Architect Naina Reddy and Architect Rajat Sanghvi.

MakeSpace Architects affirms that a combination of Architectural contextualization and scientific innovations can lead to unbox the stereotypical approach towards architecture. Understanding user needs, context, and materiality through a systematic process of conceptualization, schematic design, and design development, helps them to provide with the most efficient, pure and experiential spaces. They believe in Minimalism – ‘less is more and strong use of materiality’ to define their projects. They state,

“We believe in creating every project with its own language which entails the description of semiology that there can be a lot of guidelines to form the language like context and users play a very important role. To attain a simple intuitive architecture which can communicate with the users and can guide them through its usability. Our guiding philosophy inspires to learn about all the design cultures, local and globally- local context which can impact the design and hence we don’t have a set of cultural inspiration. Every project with its cultural context inspires and motivates us in the same manner. The studio propagates the idea of treating every project as unique and bespoke. All the projects are resultant of a team effort rather than individual opinions, thus creating an environment of positive questioning, towards the anomaly of architecture.”

Architect Rajat Sanghvi was born in Indore while Architect Naina was born in Hyderabad. Both their families belong to the construction background working as Builders.

Ar.Rajat Sanghvi is a graduate from Architectural Association school of Architecture, London with his M.Arch degree of AA Design Research Lab (AADRL)(M.Arch 2016-2018) and a Bachelors Architecture degree from Pune University(B.Arch. 2011-2016).He worked in Patrick Schumacher Studio with Zaha Hadid Architects, London  focusing on semiological architecture and urban planning. He gained Town planning experience while working as an Urban Designer for Architect Hafeez Contractor in Mumbai, for the project of Amaravati the new capital city in association with Fosters and partners London. During his design research study, the projects focused on ‘agent-based parametric semiology’, which helped him positing the idea that the social functionality of the built environment depends on its communicative capacity as a semiologically encoded field that informs and instructs social actors and thereby coordinates social processes. 

Naina Reddy is an Architect and an Urbanist, with 2 years of Housing and Urbanism Design and Research study (M. Arch 2017-2019) from Architectural School of Architecture, London and 5 years of Architecture Design study (B.Arch. 2012-2017) from Pune University. Naina’s design research enabled her to understand and address the complexities of urban transformation to become a stronger professional. While design learning and investigation, it helped her deepen practicalities shaping change in today’s cities. Working across scales – from detailed plans of contemporary housing to the mobility infrastructure of the regional metropolis – which further helped her in the positive transformation of urban areas, through a range of urban forces, trends and ideas.

The duo Architects after graduating from Architectural Association of school of Architecture and working in London for a while, came up with an idea to start a studio in India which is experimental in its own ways, practicing Semiological Architecture, Parametric Architecture and Urban Planning /Designing. Thus, came up the exceptional design studio MakeSpace Architects.

MakeSpace Architects provides Urban design, Architectural, and Interior Design solutions.

Overcoming all the difficulties at the onstart of the venture, the duo architects have learnt from every single step they put forth to build the enterprise. They express,

“Initially when we started off our career, making of our own studio was a hands-on experience, where planning, construction, and design were all happening simultaneously on site. A firm contemporary interpretation was executed with limited resources, lack of technological support and skilled labour in the vicinity, brought the biggest challenges to emulate a statement of change. On the way through we learnt from our mistakes. As we say nothing we try goes in vain in architecture.”

Further they speak about the challenges faced with initial customers and during product development:

“Initial few projects come with a package of doubts and thus making the customers equally nonflexible but as time passes by both the customers and us as a team ease out. As the case is with every budding firm, the trust factor comes in only after the product has been delivered as promised. This road of developing initial few projects is very rocky but one which is worth travelling through it has taught us more than any job experience or internship ever could have.”

Challenges led them to find solutions and outshine the encounters faced thus achieving major milestones.

  • Though being a young enterprise, their story of success was quick. They got selected as IGen2020-Top 50 young designers and architects of India by Architect and Interiors India.
  • They also got selected by National Architecture and Interior design Excellence Awards 2020 under two categories for 30 under 50 best architects of India 2020’.
  • Awarded with Most innovative and leading Architecture, Interior design and urban planning In Madhya Pradesh’ award under ‘premium residential project’.
  • Their first project- MakeSpace Architects studio received much appreciation and got published extensively on their popular design magazines and press. Some of the include Good Homes-Home design and Trends, Elledecor India, Architect and Interiors India, Archello, Design Essentia, Architects Diary.

Describing about their most challenging project delivered, they share that MakeSpace Architects studio was designed as an innovative and bespoke workspace catering to the world of change in architectural thought process and imbue the subtle merger of technology and creativity that enables their team to explore imaginative ideas.

“The entire concept rides on the philosophy of ‘A contemporary cube with a parametric paradigm’. We have played with the cube shell, through a Minimalistic approach to infuse the idea of ‘Less is more’.  Through use of simplified visual compositions, the ambience of the office is ecstatic, Collective and collaborative.

Truly experimental in its materiality, Porosity and Style, the space inherits the subtlety of contemporary interiors using shades of grey and retaining the natural materiality . The aspiration was to entail Intuitive and Semiological order in the basic layout. The space with its order and hierarchy shall narrate its localised usage. Resulting in the genesis of a sensory game.

Visual fluidity and reconfigurability in a cubical volume initiates space dynamism. The studio follows a strict principle of lines and grids, that helps to differentiate colour, material and texture. The interior surfaces are finished with muted grey palette of Concrete, in contrast to its furniture which is finished with a subtle oak wood veneer, giving a rustic look. Grey being a combination of black and white, balances the colour palette becoming a non-monotonous and stable colour which can imbibe different emotions in different lighting conditions both natural and artificial. Following gestalts theory, the aesthetic point of view was forwarded, which explores the perceptual consequences of architecture in the phenomena of visual symbolism, of order and disorder in design, and of the complex relationship between practical function and perceptual expression.

The discussion space propagates the theme of an Idea box. The seamless glass box incorporates an idea of design where the contemporary conventional architecture meets the future of parametric.

This Studio is a cumulation of Futuristic thought process with a conventional outreach. Heeding to a philosophy that architecture can be more spontaneous and intuitive than the stereotypical.”


The duo Architects’ professional and personal journey has been quite enlightening. They view,

“Patience and perseverance are few of the things that we have learnt through the journey we have had until now. We strongly believe that every day in this field of constant creation you learn something new, which makes you even more bent upon to create something which brings its own challenges. This undying passion is developing stronger every day since we at our studio have started creating and curating wholesome products.”

Achieving the heights at quite an early stage with plans and practice indeed makes the Founder Architects exemplary figures to the aspiring architects and designers. Here is what they have to suggest,

“We are too young to advice the upcoming young counterparts. But we do have a suggestion for us a fraternity, that we must focus more on the kind of awareness and academics our young architects are been exposed to.

There is an undeniable urgency to make them aware of what is happening in the world of architecture and also to update the syllabuses as they don’t prepare us enough to be ready to be engulfed with the world of architecture, which is changing at a very fast pace.”

Challenges will continue and with challenges, there is the flow of never-ending success till MakeSpace Architects reaches the Zenith. The future has many achievements stored for the young Architects. While speaking about their future plans, they say,

“Both our present and future is one and the same to be able to deliver unique bespoke solutions to our clients. To break the ice between the technological and design curve. To change the way our clients, look at the stereotypical architecture, in other words to make them always aware and updated about the new conventions of design. And to leave a small dent in this vast universe of experimentation and creativity.”

 The uniqueness, they strive to offer to their clients is indeed the mainstay which makes them exceptional in their domain.

Designs and Stories , Bangalore wishes all the very best to Architect Rajat and Architect Naina, and their MakeSpace Architects all the very best for their future endeavours!

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