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                Meet Navneet & Udaai- The Duo make Art & Design a Meaningful Dialogue

When two creative minds meet, the world of art and design can be painted with unique colours. Navneet and Udaai are the present generation interior designers with a different outlook to make architecture and Design a meaningful dialogue. The duo present creativity at its best in their esteemed firm Bora Da` Design Studio.

Bora Da` Design Studio is a product of creative minds and the will to create spaces that are walkable, habitable, interactive works of art. They believe that Interior Design is a great art reflecting who you are in ways you never imagined. Their design perspective is deeply grounded in both Art and Architecture which reflects an artist’s eye towards colour and material with a strong sense of space and form. The duo believe creative designs to be the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between the Interior Designer and the client. The Studio is led by Principal Designers Udaai Batra and Navneet Kaur where they strive to metamorphize intangible thoughts of ideas into reality. They are equipped with proficiency in space planning and finish selection combined with a strong background in software which allows them to thoughtfully plan and manage projects of any scale.

Udaai, the principal designer is a proud alumnus of Welham Boys, Dehradun. He passed out his schooling from the prestigious Modern School, Vasant Vihar. Later, he sought to join the Raffles Design Institute to study Interior Designing and hence shifted base to Singapore. He was exposed to a global environment comprising of varied cultures in Singapore. He owes a great deal of his design exposure and brain storming ability to this part of my life. This was not enough to suffice his greed for more awakening in the world of creativity. After having worked for some time in India on various projects, he went to study Interior Spatial Design from Istittuto Europeo di Design, Milan, Italy. This was also a great exposure and excellent learning experience for him offering him the opportunity to live and experience the design hub and epicentre of the world for many centuries. Udaai was born to a business family in New Delhi. He was raised in a big family comprising many aunts and uncles. Having sent to a hostel at a very early age, he learnt to be responsible, independent and obedient in contrast to what he could have been under constant pampering. He was brought up around a mother who herself was an artist and loved to partake in creative fields such as painting large canvases and later on took to jewellery designing. He picked up the flare of design thinking and creativity from this influence in his early years and got an opportunity to explore this further upon enrolling for the Interior Design course.

Navneet completed her studies from Convent of Jesus and Mary, New Delhi. She studied Interior Design from the renowned Architecture school of Delhi, Sushant School of Design. It was there she found both her passion and the knowledge to pursue a career as an Interior Designer. Navneet was born and brought up in the serene hills of Shimla. She hails from a family of educators. Her father has worked with the government as an academician.

Udaai began his professional career in the year 2010, whereas Navneet began her journey in 2014

Bora Da` has been a part of varied projects that range from commercial to residential. They have made a name in conceptualising, designing and managing mainly commercial projects that may branch into retail and hospitality spaces. They have planned, conceptualized and designed several food courts. The duo have successfully delivered clothing retails stores, restaurants, offices and kiosks. The artisans also have the flare in designing residential spaces in the luxury segment. They also specialise in curating and decorating the spaces with decor elements and artworks. Each project is treated as a unique design challenge in their workplace. They research and set out proper guidelines for design style for each of them and work towards achieving fresh, unique, innovative and beautiful spaces that translate into works of art in itself.

Bora Da` Design Studio has their collaborations with-

  • Haldirams
  • Oh so Stoned
  • Torani
  • Reeti Arneja
  • Upcoming food court at New Delhi Railway Station

Speaking about his passion and work Designer Udaai speaks,

“ I describes my work as a Creative Expression of the inspiration I get from the material world that include my widespread travels as well as from the world of my thoughts and dreams. Equipped with a degree in Bachelors in Interior Design from Raffles University, Singapore and Interior Spatial Design from IED, Milan, I have dabbled in the Design World for over 7 years. The process of intangible thought metamorphosing into reality is my purpose and is what engages me deeply in this field. The fact that I can help people experience their dream is deeply satisfying. My approach is based on my client’s needs and wants and what the site has to offer. Each space is different and the goal is to create something different each time.”

Designer Navneet Kaur speaks,

“Having enrolled in a Design School, I found my passion. The passion to create the beautiful but with a purpose. I graduated from Sushant School of Design with degree in Interior Architecture. I seek my inspiration in the daily mundane things around me and strive to build them into the interesting. My design philosophy combines craftsmanship, comfort and functionality to achieve a distinctive and elegant timeless design.”

Having asked about their challenges, they express,

“The most pressing challenge any designer faces is the need of constant creative juices flowing at all times to pursue a full-time career as a designer. This has always been a major challenge for us to bring out new design elements, combinations and use different materials in very project which we design. We seek inspiration in our explorations of the places that we travel to. Both of us are avid travellers and love to soak in the culture, architecture, local craft and design influences wherever we go. We stay updated on all new inventions in building materials and strive to use them in our projects.”

Since both of the artisans set out to work and manage projects of substantial importance at their early 20s, they often faced problems of mistrust and interference in designing. They had to deal with clients trying to incorporate their ideas that were not feasible and would not bring out the best in the space. This would often disrupt the initial design planning and lead to a chaos. They also faced challenges in getting paid advances for the very reason of not having enough trust and sometimes also getting payed the last leg of the payment.

“We often had to go to lengths to explain some people that though design is intangible but it takes practice and training of years to visualize a space and put it on paper.”

Having started their journey at quite early ages, the two designers explored and experimented their varied ideas. It had been a great enlightening journey for them which today make them stand as established interior designers. They state,

“The journey for both of us has been a long one full of experiences both good and bad. Both the types have been helpful in casting and shaping us into what we are today.

The college teaches one the skills and lays down guidelines for career. It takes only field work to actually learn and grow while using those skills. We both attribute our growth, personal and professional, to us working independently early.

Once the person is out in the arena all by themselves, they have to manage the design, the client, business development as well the math. We learned our way about by engaging each in our own capacity and learning the trade with experience. One the personal front, it teaches one to have patience and learn to react only after accessing the situation and maintaining a certain decorum.”

The young aspiring designers and artisans certainly have much to learn from these duo designers who have set an example to the present generation of passion and dedication. The interior designers suggest the upcoming professionals to have faith in the process. They view,

“Design world is one place that tests your patience. You have to do your work with one hundred percent dedication in this process. You cannot lose faith but rather keep going and strive to your goal. Clients don’t come easy and aren’t always easy to deal with it. You have to have in you the zest to deliver the perfect. You must not even once fall back and slack because that is what can cause you speed bumps in the journey. The results will follow.”

The young artisans have a long way to go. Their dedication leads them to many future plans and projects. They declare,

“After having worked for seven years in this industry we have a substantial portfolio with varied projects in varied styles and design themes. We are on a constant look out for the new trends in materials and construction techniques. In future as well we look forward to new age materials and want to evolve our designs using them so we are future ready and fresh.

We are now seeking to expand into doing projects firstly pan India and secondly to create furniture pieces that are exclusive and work as accent pieces in a space. We are looking forward to explore the concept of furniture serving as works of art in a space.”

Indeed, unique are their ideas and thoughts and unique are their creations.


        Designs & Stories wishes the wonder designers all the very best for their future endeavours!

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