Rich in the technicalities of architect and designs, ‘Interiors Today’ has marked its name as an established firm in Kolkata. Right from the scratch to the fulfilment of every space with the required art and design is solely managed by the efficient hands of the firm. The proprietor says,

At Interiors Today, we implement interior jobs from scratch. Planning spaces, detailed designing and execution are all endeavoured perfectly with skilled workmanship.”

Mrs. Swati Kapoor, the proprietor of the firm ‘Interiors Today’ is born and brought up in Kolkata. She has done her schooling from La Martiniere for Girls, and her graduation from Loretto College. Swati also holds a degree in Interior Designing.

Swati gained her experience from her family business, a 40-year-old Architectural & Interior firm Vinod Sharma & Associates. She could very well follow the creative footsteps of her family. Having trained under her father Mr. Vinod Sharma, she gained her first-hand experience of the nuances and detailed precision of her work. From a very young age she has been visiting sites which helped her in developing a keen interest in designing and that experience has been a learning curve in her field of work. Swati has always had this urge to create something unique. The firm’s wider design approach with Swati herself participating in the process of designing a space from the concept to reality ensures that one gets the dream project that one has always envisioned.

It took no time for Swati to excel in and master her designing skills as well as managing. In a short span of 10 years, the firm has been able to create a niche for itself and has undertaken various prestigious Residential and Commercial projects.

Swati believes that there is no ‘correct’ or ‘definitive’ process to design and execute a successful project. Here is what she executes her creativity and innovative design skills. She opines that the intent and inspiration behind each space demands its own distinctive approach and one needs to constantly evolve.

Learning never ends and designer Swati works constantly to bring out new creations and fill the spaces with lively designs.

Having asked about her biggest leanings, she speaks,

“The creative satisfaction is only achieved by overcoming your limits with each progressive design.”

She strongly believes that there is yet much to be achieved as design is a very broad discipline and there is a tremendous scope for experimentation. Every lesson learnt from a project always helps and inspires future endeavours.

Interiors Today has a very strong social media presence and has a wide following across different platforms like Instagram & Facebook.

The aspiring
and budding professional in this domain have a lot to learn from Designer
Swati’s experiences. She says,

“My advice to
upcoming professionals from our domain would be that considering the current
state of our environment, sustainability should be a priority. We consciously
should make an effort to reduce our carbon footprints or at least incorporate
as well as collaborate with companies who are socially and environmentally

Ms Swati is an exemplary
designer to the budding designers and architects who today can know the art of
using multi skills thus taking charge of every step in the process of designing
any space.


We wish her success for
all her future endeavours.

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