Incorporating Environmental Science To Designs: INODES , Kerala The Unique Envirotech Design Firm

With the surge of technology in every creation today, we have the exceptional design firm keeping the standards of Environmental Science in their designs. INODES makes its presence with the vision of integrating the disciplines of regional and environmental planning, interior design, urban design, landscape architecture and the environmental sciences as a single functional entity utilizing cutting edge technology.

INODESThe Total Designers was established in 2001 by Deleep Chilleliparambil Viswambharan with his farsightedness of the need of the future. The company had a modest beginning, taking up relatively small residential projects and interior works. After the initial years of struggle the company ventured into hospitality projects sector, which turned out to be a gamechanger. The expertise, dedication and innovation helped INODES to vary off the challenges from competitions and become an efficacious name in the Star Hotel Project sector with a 100% customer retention.

 Deleep Chilleliparambil Viswambharan (Deleep C.V) was born on 22 May 1973, in Kodassery, a pristine village in Thrissur District of Kerala, located in southern India. He was raised by his parents Mr. C.T Viswambharan and Mrs. Leela Viswambharan. His parents were traditional farmers. This humble origin allowed him to learn the value of arduous work. He is married Mrs. Savithri Deleep. She is an accomplished civil engineering graduate who is currently working as a junior Superintendent in Labor Department for Government of Kerala. They together have a charming son named Dayakrishna, who is currently pursuing his middle school education.

Deleep attended technical school before his college education. In 1991, he graduated with a diploma in Civil Engineering from Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, Alagappanagar, Thrissur, Kerala. He began his career as a civil engineer just after his graduation in 1991 by joining Mathew & Saira architects, one of the leading architects in Kochi, Kerala. The 9 years of experience gathered from his first job laid the foundation for his future ventures.

Deleep’s rural upbringing was not smooth and had to face gruel challenges. However, his challenges were the strength in his bildungsroman stage. His varied experiences during his childhood define the basis of cross-disciplinary firm Inodes-The Total Designers.

Mr.Deleep – the founder and CEO of Inodes-The Total Designers delves deep into identifying new opportunities and forming the overall strategic plan of the firm. His motivated nature and innovative thinking have led Inodes to incorporate cutting edge technologies to their projects and set a benchmark in the industry. He is also a firm believer of sustainable practices and protection of nature.

Today, Inodes takes the pride in being a comprehensive Interior designing and engineering firm. The company offers top-notch competencies in all infrastructure development requirements. All-embracing range of interior designing and consulting services offered by Inodes include outstanding solutions in Interior Designing, Architecture, Engineering, MEP, PMC and cost consultation for India’s most prestigious public and private organizations. Inodes has taken the fast-growing town of Chalakudy in central Kerala as its base. This strategic office location offers convenience and connectivity. Having Kerala’s biggest International airport in the near vicinity is an added advantage of Chalakudy. The Cochin International airport is only a 20 minutes’ drive away.

A satisfied customer is the biggest achievement for any organization. Inodes’s 100% customer retention rate and repeated orders can vouch for this customer satisfaction. Along with this the company has completed 500+ projects in interior designing and infrastructure industry. An illustrious milestone of 100+ hotel projects has also surpassed by the firm. They also maintain consistently high ratings achieved in the client’s monthly health, safety, and environmental audits

It is said that challenges make an individual stronger and truly does it goes for the artistic persona Deleep. He shares that his two biggest challenges during the journey of his entrepreneurship were not having a mentor and his struggle with stagnation. Mr.Deleep is a self-made man. Driven by passion he learned the fundamentals and deep dived into a highly competitive industry. Having a mentor is an added advantage always, especially to build the right connections. True passion combined with hard work helped him to overcome this first challenge and successfully build an organization. The comfort offered by stagnation came as a hurdle after a few years of operation. His vision to take the organization to heights helped him to tackle this period of stagnation and achieve greater heights. Venturing to the Star hotel construction industry was a product of clear vison and strategy formed to overcome the stagnation as viewed by him.

Besides this, there was no easy end to the challenges which he faced victoriously. Fierce competition was a great challenge during the initial years. This competition helped him to be innovative with his approach towards the clients. The aggressive and punch above the weight strategy used during this tenure helped Inodes to gain recognition. Creating and establishing a brand name in the ever competitive and challenging construction field was the necessity of those times. The current success which the company enjoys now is the result of hard work and calculated risk put in during the initial years. 

One of the most challenging works commenced by Inodes was the Amber Dale Hotel project located at Pallivasal. The structure itself was a challenging one on that geographical location. The hotel is located on a high-altitude landscape of Munnar, Kerala. Requirement of Minimal environmental disruption and avoiding pollution along with the high terrain proposed a great challenge. Focusing on sustainable designing and engineering practices the firm proposed a plan which was approved by the hotel stake holders. Innovative design and their ability on sustainable practices helped them to complete the project on record time. Inodes has also faced great challenges during the development of Heritage Hotel/Resort properties. Inodes has undertaken various heritage hotel/resort restoration and development projects, all came with formidable challenges. Thirukochi Residency- Angamaly, JK Heritage- Changanassery, Surya Hotel– Kannur are some of the distinct projects which came with daunting challenges. Being true to their heritage of more than 150 years was something Inodes achieved with precise planning and innovative thinking, while satisfying the client’s requirements.

Mr.Deleep is a firm admirer of Henry ford follows his quote “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” He believes in collaborations to create a harmonious and productive team, and successful delivery of project. Inodes has successfully collaborated with prestigious hotels chains, contactors, and engineering firms across India to satisfy the customer demands. The firm has delivered successful projects in collaborations with Sauganthika group of hotels, Surya group of hotels and Ginger hotels to name a few. The collaboration with Ginger hotels deserves a special mention, as it is a moment of great contentment and pride for Inodes.Ginger Hotels is a pioneer, multiple award-winning and most trusted chain of lean luxury hotels in India. It is one of the leading brands in hospitality management, established by India’s biggest business conglomerate The TATA Group. Other notable collaborations are with AK group of concern, Indraprastha group of hotels, and Sky group.

Having asked about his major learning from his professional and personal journey, he shares,  

“Never decided on a project merely based on financial gain. Yes, profit is important but if the project is not exiting you may not be able to give your everything for it. Finding real passion in your projects will bring ideas, innovation, and energy. This passion and excitement can be conveyed into your teammates and the result will be more than fruitful. In addition to that, it is important to have a duty of candor. An honest communication will resolve most of the issues, this duty of candor will help you to identify the issues and drive the key communication with your partners, clients, and team members.” 

Architect Deleep is an exemplary figure to the upcoming designers and architectures. He reminds the budding interior designing professionals about the importance of teamwork. He believes construction is a teamwork, a lone person cannot carry out the entire aspects of a project.

He suggests,

 It is important to have trustworthy partners and harmonious and innovative team around you to succeed in this profession. It is also important to keep up passion throughout your journey to reach your vision. There will be good days and bad days, your passion will fuel you to drive towards the vision.  

The confidence and expertise acquired by succeeding in a diverse market like India have helped Inodes to plan for their future International expansion. They understand the complexity of international market due to the geographical, cultural, and economic differences. Aligned with the vision of Mr.Deleep, Inodes-The Total Designers  is currently working on a well-disciplined and informed strategy for its international launch. 

Indeed, a commendable journey and still to continue and create miracles!

We wish Mr Deleep and INODES-The Total Designers all the very best for their future endeavours.

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