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HIDECOR – Aesthetics with Technology

Projecting home and hearth with the excellence in modern architecture aided by technology, HIDECOR is a firm known for their iconic construction and designs of workspaces. Founded by Anantha VR in 2015, the team strengthened its position with Bhavesh Godhania and Sujith Gopalakrishnan joining as cofounders a year after inception.

HIDECOR was established with a defined focus on improving employee wellness through efficient office interiors and productive workspace designs. It aims to be the one stop solution for the enterprises for their bespoke workspace design and build strategies. With over 30+ clients in the last 5 years, HIDECOR operates in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Singapore. They have designed and built 1.45Million Sq. Ft of commercial workspace in the past 5 years.

Anantha beams “We promise to build a fully functional and optimized workplace in less than 90 days.  Use of technology like BIM, Revit and VR helps HIDECOR to reach the accuracy in everything that we do like design or operations.”

Talking about industry challenges, he further adds

“Design and build has been an unorganized workforce Industry for as long as we know. The workforce consists of blue collar labours across various skill sets  like artisans, electricians, carpenters, etc, which creates an imbalance in pricing and timelines. With help of deep knowledge on 10000+ products and channel partners across various segments, we bring in standardization of pricing which helps our client save cost. 

We believe in designing workspaces with maximum utility of the space. Most of the design firms, focus on creating very vibrant offices there by ignoring the fact of utility, which increases the spend and hurt the utilization of the space which translates to lack of space and more expenditure to the client as the years go by. We focus on creating more meaningful spaces with at par industry standards of space utility with world class designs.”

Founder features:

Anantha VR:

Born in Bangalore, Anantha brings in an experience of 17+ years in various businesses across domains like IT, Edtech, Enterprise Mobility, Research and Workspace design. He holds a post graduate degree from Symbiosis and IIMB in sales and marketing. Anantha began his professional journey in the year 2003.

Anantha is born in Bangalore where he resides presently with his mother, wife and two children.

Bhavesh Godhania

Bhavesh is from Gujrat and moved to Bangalore for professional success. He excels in the field of workspace design and carries 13+ years’ experience in architecture.  He holds a degree in architecture.

Sujith Gopalakrishnan

A graduate of Bangalore university, Sujith began his professional career in 2002. With close to two decades of experience in handling project management and operations across industries, Sujith is the third pillar of HIDECOR.

Success is always the result of challenges. The founding team indeed had to walk on their paths of dreams, fighting the challenges and finally winning over them. The success of HIDECOR is the result of determination and passion led battle fought against the challenges.  

At the personal level, a typical middle class (read: non business minded) thought process, innate introvert nature and adjusting to new culture were some of the challenges the trio had to overcome keeping an extremely positive attitude and unreasonable hours at work while building their business.

However, challenges do not stay limited to the personal journeys of life. Sometime, in the professional front there are greater obstacles which needs constant hard work, planning and devoted contributions.

And, their challenges led to their victory. HIDECOR has completed 5 years of operations in April 2020.  Here is what they proudly say about their achievements,

“Being trusted by brands like Bigbasket, Decathlon, Titan, Mitra Biotech is quite amazing. Also, most of our business is through referrals, which is a huge vote of confidence for us showered by our clients.”

We work for testimonials like: “Projects in live working environments are never easy and particularly so in reception areas but this was a remarkably smooth transition – I would also commend the speed in which any snagging and late changes were dealt with which is often my biggest ‘bug bear‘ with your competitors.” – Cartoon Mango, says Sujith.

Not to mention, their special achievement of winning the ‘Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Program’ in 2019 and use its digital prototyping software for all of HIDECOR’s projects.

They further speak about their collaborations, “We really invest in our team and believe in working with dedicated partners like Enlights for Hardware, Maverick Services for MEP design consulting, Skilfinity, our Singapore based Digital Marketing partner.”

Their most challenging project delivered are: 

  • Titan – Titan truly believes in the power to Do and “Be More”. As a company that consistently lives up to its lofty goal, Titan’s office space could not be anything but the best.

Read More: Office Interior Design for Titan – Case Study

Indeed, their professional and personal journeys are enlightening showering lessons to progress. Here is what they say about their major learning from their professional and personal journey: 

The founder Anantha expresses,

 “Live and let live is my motto. I aspire to be a successful leader, keep a simple approach to all things and respect one and all for what they are and their choices in life.”

 Architect Bhavesh states,

“I have come a long way in terms of team building and people management. I want to be a  lifelong learner and better myself in every aspect”

 Designer Sujith speaks,

“I truly believe sky is the limit for achievements, so be focussed and put in the work, things will find ways to work out themselves” 

The young and the aspiring entrepreneurs, architects and designers have a lot to learn from the journey of this trio’s success story. They share few words as advice to the upcoming professionals from their domain,

Three things will take you a long way both professionally and in life:

1.Networking, 2. Attention to detail and 3. A keen learners mind.” Says Anantha.

Short, bur very crisp suggestion indeed!

Dreams do continue and HIDECOR has many success stories to share in future. Speaking about their future plans, they convey,

“We want to make it big internationally and focussing on Singapore & Dubai market now”

Designs and Stories , Bangalore wishes all the best to the trio artisans and their HIDECOR all the very best for their future endeavours!

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