Architect Nirav Khant & Urban Planner Khushbu Khant | MAATRA , Rajkot

Enveloping and working on the whole enchilada of the projects with complete responsibility, MAATRA as the name suggests ‘in proportion’ stands unique in the field with their capabilities of proportioning constructions and designs with their finesse art and creation. MAATRA is a young firm headed by Architect Nirav Khant and Urban Planner Khushbu Khant with experience in architecture, interior design, landscaping, urban design, housing projects and hospitality mainly in and around Gujarat and Rajasthan.

MAATRA incorporates every aspect of art and construction in the domain of Architecture and Designs. Design and Realization teams work hand in hand until a project is accomplished. Planning objectives are internalized and adhered to. They convey,

“This means clients can rely on us completing projects on time and with unique features inside. The basis for our structures having a long-life cycle is in particular architecture that is touching, that appeals to the emotions and delivers buildings in which users feel comfortable. Our strength lies in innovative conceptual thinking backed by demonstrated experience, skills and technical expertise to competently translate ideas into reality.”

Architect Nirav Khant was born in Rajkot, Gujrat in a Business family. He did his B.Arch (Bachelors in Architecture) from Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture, Rajkot. After receiving a degree in Bachelors of Architecture, Nirav gathered professional experience with renowned architectural firms. He established his own firm ‘Maatra Architects’ in 2009.

Architect Nirav Khant says in his introductory lines,

 “I believe in taking up a project in its entirety as an architect, interior designer, landscape designer and even the developer to do complete justice. This generates an unbiased harmonious design that breathes as one.”

Architect Khushbu Khant was born in Jamnagar, Gujrat.  Due to the transferable job of her father she had opportunities to stay at different places of Saurastra and Kutchh Region during her childhood. That probably is the reason to get exposure to different Architecture. She did her B.Arch (Bachelors  in Architecture) Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture, Rajkot   M.Plan (Masters in Urban & Regional Planning) from H.D.C.P., Rajkot.

Khushbu Khant is an Architect, Urban Planner based in Rajkot. She did her bachelors in 2008 & recently completed her post-graduation in urban and regional planning. During her masters she went to Dubai – Atkins to pursue her training, where she got an opportunity to work on the master plan of Duqm city-Oman and Al Raha Beach residency-Abu Dhabi. She was university 1st too in her bachelors. Then her interest in teaching field inclined her to join IPSA, Architectural College in 2011. She was involved in the skill-based subjects like architectural graphic techniques, basics of design, design studio, building material & construction, etc. Along with active association with academics, she is equally engaged with professional practice along with Architect Nirav Khant since 2009. She has extensively travelled across the country & abroad. Her area of interest apart from architecture is systematical documentation, compilation & presentation of varied works. She has attended numerous presentations and seminars by renowned architects across India. She has a life time membership of COA and ISTE. She has also received various certificates and acknowledgements for her achievements during her career. Her core strength lies in housing planning, landscape design, digital presentation, model making and integration of academic knowledge into execution.

Following the passion and making passion a profession indeed needs dedication, sacrifices overcoming many challenges. They briefly share about the challenges faced during early childhood or during education. 

“Apart from being all time occupied with and indulged into the drawing process and the academic workload, we believe that it was a challenge to make time for our personal hobbies or interests except for designing itself.”

Beginning a venture comprising every aspect of Architecture and Design was indeed a challenging journey for the duo architects. They share about the challenges faced in their professional journey,

  • Finding new projects to explore and getting an opportunity to showcase our talents in the realm of designing.
  • To establish more powerful ways to illustrate how great design adds real value to the buildings. i.e. argue for good design over cheap construction techniques.
  • Finding and exploring new materials to match our design ideas.
  • Bridging the generation gap while dealing with varied age group of clients.
  • Trying to convince clients for adapting to modern design concepts.
  • Keeping up with the various evolving software and technologies to enhance working methodology along with time-saving techniques.

They also speak about the challenges faced with initial customers and during product development,

“Adapting to the client’s needs and trying to convince them about your design ideas and themes. Not every client is aware about design ethics and visualization.

While dealing with a completely new nature of project, we might need to learn to design keeping in mind different parameters that we might not be aware of already. Thus, widening the knowledge about the core nature of any project is important.”        

Challenges never remain challenges, but turn into experiences and victory with dedication and devotion towards building your dreams. And, MAATRA as their brain child has achieved great laurels and they are proud to be honoured with great recognition for their services. Here is the bucket of their achievements:

  • Best architectural design award from CNBC New Channel for affordable housing category in high rise.
  • Best Design Award from RBA Stall design for project Nexus Udyaat in Rajkot’s biggest property show 2019.
  • Best Residential Project (For Affordable Housing)
  • Project Cloud 9 – AG Reality won the award for best residential project in Gujarat Real Estate Awards 2014-15
  • Maatra Office got featured in HAW Magazine E – Magazine
  • Kumbha Residency Project got published in Architecture, Time, Space and People magazine
  • Shades of Blue Project got published in The Architect’s Diary E – magazine

They speak about their most winning and challenging project as-

“Our best completed project until now is Kumbha residency which is a resort and hotel located in the precinct of the majestic fort of Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan- a place which is recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The resort is named after Maharana Kumbha, during whose reign, the construction of this fort was completed. The client approached us with an idea of generating a place for solitude combined with luxury. The resort is spread across an undulating patch of land amidst the Aravalli ranges and away from the urban environment.

The design and detailing manifested for the resort not just appreciate the landscape but magnifies its experience. Achieving Inside-Outside relationship was the central concern while organising the spaces. There is an appropriate combination of hard scape, soft scape and aqua scape that generates coherence. A combination of classic accommodation, elaborate banquet hall and a formal conference hall makes the interior spaces welcoming and immersive.

The project got published in the magazine ‘Architecture Time Space and People’.”

The duo architects indeed have an enlightening journey with lessons from personal as well as professional life. Here is what they have to say about their major learnings,

“We must be aware of the basic knowledge about the various consultancy agencies like plumbing, mechanical and electrical to produce the necessary service drawings since architecture is directly/indirectly always related to the well-functioning of the building services.

Accuracy in drawings and making detailed drawings to avoid any kind of ambiguities on site and while execution since every layman is not equally literate about the building techniques.”

The young and the aspiring architects and designers must learn the winning strategy from such an enlightening journey of two determined architects. Here are few words they put forth as advice to the aspiring talents,

“Get equipped with the software and computer technologies to make designing and visualization process easier.

Don’t lose the touch with hand-sketching and physical model-making skills.

Time-management should be adopted to increase work efficiency.”

The success story continues with many achievements to be stored in future too. They share their future plans and actions:

“Expanding our business scope and client groups to get exposed to different nature of works in the realm of designing.

Setting up new working techniques that are time-saving, quick in response and beneficial in manifold ways to every professional in our firm.

To improve working methodologies with smart technological advancements to adhere to the current market trends in the realm of building and construction.”

Welcoming new technologies and innovations, MAATRA is all set to gain more records in the market.

Designs and Stories, Bangalore wishes Architect Nirav Khant and Architect Khushbu Khant and their Maatra all the very best for their future endeavours!

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